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STEK Premium
Car Care Service

Learn Why STEK service is different

STEK provides a premium total car care service that includes exterior detailing, interior detailing, and film protection. STEK China demonstrates a great example of how a premium STEK car care service should take place.
Shampoo Wash
Wheel Cleaning
Paint Correction
Shine & Buff
STEK Protection
Interior Detailing

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Access online courses, product resources, sales tools, marketing materials and more

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Learn How to Become an Authorized STEK Installer

Take your business to the next level with our world-class protective film solutions. Join our journey to expand beyond automotive film market to new industrial applications.

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Follow STEK Brand Manual To Grow Your Business

Get access to our brand manual that is updated every year. Easily emulate your offline stores with our marketing material resources, sales tools, and concept store designs.

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Learn How To Win New Car Dealerships In Your Region

We will train and share real case studies of effective methods to approaching new car dealerships. You can easily access the courses online and track your progress.

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Get World-Class DYNO Products & Services

Get access to our signature world-class DYNO products available in many sizes. Don't just take our word for it. Check real social proof of happy customers on our website.


Save Time & Money With Industry's Only TPU Windshield Film

Install windshields easily in less than 15 minutes. Don't worry about heat guns or curvature surfaces. Let our innovative windshield films save your time and frustration.

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Access Sales Closing Tools & Marketing Resources

With our brand and marketing resources, learn which tools are essential to closing more deals and which tools are the best to install efficiently, easier and faster.


Utilize Amazing Installer Locator for Car Owners

Our cutting-edge global installer locator will help car owners find your shop easily. All you have to do is edit your installer profile that takes less than a minute.


Get Customer Leads Sent Directly to Your Shop

You can get customer leads sent directly to your mailbox from our global website. We will send all online customer inquiries in your region directly to you.


Join STEKSHIELD Online Community & Support

Participate in the latest discussions about STEK products, communicate with other car owners like you, find regional offline events happening near you, and access new product announcements and files!

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Leverage Global Hashtag Portfolio of Real Installations

With our global online hashtag portfolio, you can easily show real application photos and videos to your customers shared by thousands of other installers around the world.

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Leverage STEK HQ Marketing & Advertising

Video content is an essential marketing tool in 2021. At STEK HQ, we will continuously invest in video content and social media marketing to grow our brand bigger than ever before.


Leverage Top Search Engine Results & Optimization

We focus on digital with customer experience in mind as the top priority. STEK DXP aims to provide the highest quality search engine optimization, easy navigation, and a fast web experience.


Access Online Training Courses & File Downloads

Get access to our paint protection film, window film, windshield, car care product installation training videos, brand guidelines, and even track your course progress to get certified online!


Utilize 24/7 Customer Service Chat Bot Support

Let us do all the basic consulting for you so you can focus on installation. Our smart chatbot is an AI salesman that will deal with all the customer support 24/7.


Utilize Globally Translated Website for Customers

With an easy customer experience in mind, our global website automatically detects and translates the website based on your customer's region and language.

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Innovative and Creative Product R&D Team

Our mission is to help our customers' businesses thrive and grow. We do that by continually identifying and improving upon their needs to provide the most innovative protection solutions and premium services to our customers.

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Never Ending Passion for Protective Films

Under STEK technology and innovative spirit, we continually challenge to maximize film performance. We will never stop innovating so that you can protect what you love.

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Join the #STEKRevolution #ProtectWhatYouLove

Together we are protecting more than just cars. We protect close friends and families, help partners protect their business and their passion for the industry, and ultimately the STEK brand altogether.

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Request Customized OEM Products

Whatever you need, we will try our best to cater to them. From film specifications, brand consultation to package box design, we got you covered.

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Request Custom Protective Film Solutions

With customer satisfaction in mind, we try our best to meet your needs by providing custom applications accustomed to your needs.

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Send Customer Feedback & Ideas

We always want to know what is in your best interests. Please do not hesitate to send us feedback or new ideas.

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